Monday, March 2, 2015

March To This Beat

 photo d5f6c9ad-6565-4cf3-954d-7c05b9d8bd42_zps0rzmtl6f.jpg
Lately I'm drawn to sleek black blazers, high collar coats for this NYC weather and grey sweaters. Dressing fashionable in this weather is important cause at times I feel like I want to wear is a blanket over me. I have always been a huge fan of Toni Braxton and her fashion style since the 90's. I love the classic simple look she gave with her makeup, hair, and wearing just a simple tank top, blue jeans, and biker coat. These are some pieces I have my eye on. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Beauty MakeOver

I always try my best to only eat organic food so for awhile now I been getting all organic beauty products. These are some of my favorites that has no harsh chemicals.
 photo 7e16bcc5-60a7-418f-bebc-c33ab244f252_zps41bdb1b1.jpg
I love Karma Nail Polish it comes in all different colors which I love. Also, I love their nail polish removal.
 photo abe4c2ea-ed25-4e7f-9548-e06a5ab2c016_zpse160c054.jpg

I don't wear a lot of makeup but Mascare is a must for me and I love Organic Wear mascara.
 photo a7713fa5-edb7-4bbb-91fb-d7b02a7d6b1c_zpsca3616b8.jpg
I use Mario Badescus to clean my face and it feels so refreshing.Below are some more products that I love!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fashion Spread

 photo 0eb8a9c1-e0e9-4702-bb06-66e540f0001d_zpsea6b4ad1.jpg
 photo 1dc96004-c4c2-4f1a-8c4d-0b3b5ce0adfa_zpsdc70274d.jpg
 photo e9da9400-38fd-47ce-8c0e-1c0c305fe8c9_zpsfad51144.jpg
 photo e649a63d-cf72-468b-98a0-921630ae3857_zps685a298a.jpg
 photo 55230eb4-d2a9-4b90-a1a4-e5b663a7e56d_zps54106427.jpg
 photo f67d95c4-f5d7-4139-adfe-e9a805696ecf_zps55c71f85.jpg
 photo 4c9bf111-d8fc-475a-a9c2-9784e987cdd1_zpsd88fa5e7.jpg
This amazing spread was shot by Umberto Barone for Bambi Magazine. Model Elena Sartison pose and hunt you down eyes is so perfect for the setting. I love the styling in this shoot from the oversize clothes and ring to the pencil skirt with all small details. These are some pieces that I inspire this spread look