Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You Know

 photo 233231c2-3734-41a2-aef4-c79776f6cbee_zpsb62619dd.jpg
 photo 127fa472-10a2-435d-9a29-44f13328c43d_zpsbf44dc9c.jpg
 photo 71e36267-3996-4eb5-b7b6-a8c286f39573_zps1c19f5ab.jpg

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 photo 78a89aac-38d2-490a-bef9-fd5a6696f64f_zpsa0d1c758.jpg
Jacket TopShop, bodysuit American Apparel, skirt H&M, shoes Christian Louboutin

Monday, August 18, 2014

True Blue

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 photo d87572b5-62a9-48d8-97e2-c0502883b85a_zpscf8fd5b6.jpg
Wearing Top H&M, pants Topshop, shoes Christian Louboutin 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hands In The Air

These are some of my songs that are being repeated on my playlist. Being a DJ I love all types of music from Country to Latin music. My thinking is if its good its good no matter what genre.

My playlist

Kid Art- Face Time
Drake- 0 to 100
Nicki Minaj- No Flex Zone
Jhené Aiko- The Worst 
Tinashe-2 on
Jennifer Lopez- 10
Kid Art-Hello/ Whole Team Freestyle 
Aluna George- Your Drum