Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter Essentials

 photo 0530d89f-1956-4001-8323-1ad1e722c496_zpsc65c4963.jpg

These are few things I would love to be wearing right now on this snowy day. All I want to wear is oversized sweaters and cardiagns that almost touch the floor.  Some nice hot tea or warm soy eggnog would just make it complete.

Monday, November 24, 2014

All Tied Up

 photo dae7a5ac-0177-453e-a5f0-c4b3c9bfee7b_zps2a321b85.jpg
 photo 064b7226-1d0a-4793-a1cf-501361a3b490_zpsf8411d27.jpg
 photo 4ad4e4ba-0e6a-4f28-b366-7688450cc18a_zpsa16059a6.jpg
 photo 81a217eb-73ea-46d9-a27d-b31ddb67bb2c_zpsce750f43.jpg
 photo 2535a764-958e-41cb-a5e7-d9aa78f7ccc8_zpsefba6e52.jpg
Dress H&M, sweatshirt Zara, shoes Zizi Girl 


Saturday, November 22, 2014

DJ Red Velvet Soundtrack Vol 2. : Work It

 photo ca04e5ab-ceac-4fc1-90a0-a0bac8ec7063_zpsb9d80822.jpg
When it comes to working out it is so important to have that  music playlist that will help to push you. I created a soundtrack (playlist) that helps me get in the zone to reach my goal hope it can help you too! Press play and get your workout in!