Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sweet Kiwi

 photo 0e9836f0-d37f-4a5e-99ee-72033b39730a_zps79f26099.jpg
Over the weekend I made a healthy dessert that satisfy my sweet taste buds.  Its super simple to make!

Soy yogurt
Flaxseed granola
1 Organic Kiwi chopped
Handful of sprouted pumpkin seeds for toppings

Some benefits of Kiwi-
  • Helps with digestion, Kiwi contains an enzyme called "actinidain" that dissolves proteins.
  • Low glycemic crab. Kiwi's low glycemic score means that its sugar won't spike your blood sugar.
  • Helps fight heart disease. 
  • Alkalizes the body. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

On Point

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 photo photo_1-15_zpse4e60817.jpg
 photo photo_3-7_zps2795b27a.jpg
 photo photo_3-8_zps5f6cb5bd.jpg
 photo photo_4-5_zps50960000.jpg
                I had a photo-shoot with my very amazing super talented friend Ololade.  For more of her work check out her site here.
                            Make up done by the beautiful Idia. You can subscribe to her channel here.

Bodysuit  Cheap Monday, bra top American Apparel, jeans Zara, button up vintage


Monday, July 7, 2014

Shades of Gray

 photo b4efb3a5-50be-4780-ae0e-7e525ba10dbf_zps1462badf.jpg
 photo ea8624de-b2bf-4924-a9a3-0b7194bca47a_zps06099e58.jpg
 photo d4457d93-bd71-4f47-98e7-0a4824bbb469_zps94df67d5.jpg
 photo b78d1fdb-7f35-4ef8-bd04-a66655e195cc_zps9f31ab4b.jpg
 photo 9eeb8b74-abf1-4011-a97a-ecd6d546d398_zps17f67380.jpg
 photo 18165bad-b536-4506-8e02-e922d0c97a5b_zpsf4261169.jpg
 photo 55bcbc17-4820-41fc-bf73-c00652fc64f7_zps7f0d32be.jpg
 photo efa6f7b2-77e6-4d0e-8800-999d7d71690e_zps4c1f933e.jpg
 photo 6dddd1de-0ae4-4ce8-9404-aecfcd9f9494_zps680b55d6.jpg

Top Zara, skirt AA