Saturday, November 22, 2014

DJ Red Velvet Soundtrack Vol 2. : Work It

 photo ca04e5ab-ceac-4fc1-90a0-a0bac8ec7063_zpsb9d80822.jpg
When it comes to working out it is so important to have that  music playlist that will help to push you. I created a soundtrack (playlist) that helps me get in the zone to reach my goal hope it can help you too! Press play and get your workout in!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Femme Fatale

 photo cfb21caa-cfa1-49d2-9d6e-3f57f9c64bd6_zpsd9ca3066.jpg
 photo 63828509-68ce-45b0-a493-5176912a6a30_zps07dd927e.jpg
 photo 32010ae0-1756-43d1-973f-a6238479d210_zps4f3d2352.jpg
 photo da536ef2-4f85-47a3-a7db-3c690d2254da_zpsf40e5f96.jpg
 photo d61770ad-f212-4758-ba54-7238f53912de_zpsc4e0fd99.jpg
 photo a1e41897-13e9-4ddf-9987-72bb05000ac7_zpsde6c69d0.jpg
Jacket & jeans Topshop, bodysuit AA,  shoes Zara, sunglasses RayBans, Lipstick Zuzu Luxe Femme Fatale

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Paris

 photo 0cd7bb9da22e5f40b8410e99dcf75ed1_zps69334d27.jpg
 photo 6d1b83876bf1ea7b05c06b9682af8e0f_zpse72a89ba.jpg

 photo dd9adc564d0294c58cc979a85fcc3a5f_zpsf9513857.jpg

 photo daf340a29786a7650edae109cd41bd5d_zpse143805b.jpg

 photo fde6a8422bfac8f8c64a6d9cc3683b0d_zps9988b854.jpg

 photo 0522926563cffe755c269a579942d645_zps17038497.jpg

 photo 5f52ec964403aaad5ba59c9a0fff3c75_zps17152159.jpg
 photo 5193cb3ccdbbf73a6f81c504ef3462a6_zps1569c292.jpg

 photo 83bee79d99b5c5c78304ba2a46920f74_zps4ca3234a.jpg

 photo 5ff7e956bb4b46241724e4145713e437_zps602a6ba2.jpg

 photo 172277333106a86f7aac2f0a2afe42f2_zps53cfb716.jpg
I'm so in love with this shoot from the mood photographer Glen Lunchford to the styling from Anastasia Barbieri. I would love to wear that long gown skirt with a t-shirt just to go to the supermarket.